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July 21, 2017

You may (or may not!) know me from my parenting blog Budding Smiles, on which I’ve been duly documenting life through two pregnancies, two babies, and now two toddlers, all with my amazing husband by my side. That blog isn’t going anywhere, but I need a space for me now.

The Lifestyle Log’s tag is ‘Rediscovering the ‘me’ behind the ‘mum”, because *wait for it*

I have opinions that aren’t about motherhood.

*collective gasp*

Crazy, I know. I also have a career, passions, interests, a mostly functioning brain, a love of food and coffee, a decent make up collection, and no clue what the frick to do with my hair. This is my place to mind dump all of that upon you guys… Enjoy!

Whether it’s current affairs, music, travel, style, recipes or anything in between, I want to remind myself that I am a woman with a voice and that I can still be me.

I hope you’ll enjoy my ramblings – or at least indulge me every so often. Alongside this lovely blog I’m also on Facebook and Instagram, so come and say hi!

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